March 23 – Rapier Wit
8pm, The Creek and the Cave, LIC

March 20 – Comedy School Dropout
8pm Beauty Bar 231 E 14th St.

April 15 - Hi Hostel Comedy Show
8pm, 891 Amsterdam Ave @ 103
Basement Theater


I’M WRITE ABOUT EVERYTHING: The Unauthorized Blog of Allison Castillo

Hi. This is my blog.  I promise not to talk about what sandwich I ate today.  Or my boyfriend, Kevin.  Mostly because why should you care about my boyfriend?  Partly because he doesn’t exist. Please come back here to learn absolutely everything.


They Shoot Each Other, Don’t They?

Lesson Learned:  Never go to the post office the day after a national holiday.  Fair enough.  My bad, as the kids said, like 10 years ago. And as Stetsasonic said about 20 years ago, Here’s how it started: I got on the looooong self serve line for the ONE self serve postage machine at the Bryant

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Work It In

An open letter to The Fellas. The other night I was out at what we’ll call an event. On any given night in NYC, there are any number of these, where tiny renditions of larger food are passed around and bars are mercifully open.  Because we’re still in a recession. I was surprised at the amount of

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